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Unlock in a Sustainable Style: Make Mockups with Stanley/Stella’s Apparel

14 May 2024

Unlock in a Sustainable Style: Make Mockups with Stanley/Stella’s Apparel

Ethan D.


Stanley/Stella, a pioneer based in Belgium, has been redefining the apparel industry since 2012 with its commitment to ethical and high-quality clothing. Known for its simple yet profound approach, Stanley/Stella creates garments that not only respect people and the environment but are also designed to last.

Now, imagine pairing the robust, eco-friendly appeal of Stanley/Stella with the innovative capabilities of Mock It’s mockup generator. Whether you’re a budding designer or an established brand, leveraging these tools can elevate your product presentations and help your designs resonate more deeply with eco-conscious consumers. In this post, I’ll guide you through the seamless integration of Stanley/Stella’s apparel into your brand designs using Mock It, transforming how you visualize and execute your creative ideas.

Table of Contents:

  1. Stanley/Stella: A Beacon of Sustainable Fashion
  2. Quality and Certifications that Speak Volumes
  3. Designing with Stanley/Stella on Mock It
  4. Why Choose Stanley/Stella for Your Brand?
  5. Brands That Can Thrive with Stanley/Stella
  6. How to Get Started with Mock It and Stanley/Stella
  7. Conclusion

Stanley/Stella: A Beacon of Sustainable Fashion

Stanley/Stella isn’t just another apparel company; it is a movement towards a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Founded in 2012 by Jean Chabert, their focus has always been on creating pieces that offer more than just style—these are garments with a conscience. By using 100% organic cotton and mainly recycled polyester, Stanley/Stella ensures each item not only looks good, but does good.

stanley:stella about us table with ten year timeline of their success

Quality and Certifications that Speak Volumes

The assurance of quality and sustainability in Stanley/Stella apparel comes backed by robust certifications. Each fabric choice is rigorously tested for softness, durability, and ecological impact, aligning with their promise of integrity. Here are a few key certifications:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): Applies to all items with a minimum of 95% organic cotton, recently including those with 15% recycled polyester.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS): For products featuring recycled fibers, ensuring a reduced environmental footprint.

Organic Content Standard (OCS) Blend: For mixed fiber products, confirming the organic material percentage.

OEKO-TEX: Guarantees no harmful chemicals are used, ensuring safety and comfort.

PETA-Approved Vegan: Highlights no animal-derived components are used in production, perfect for the ethical consumer.

stanley:stella website showcasing their full collection of blank apparel

Designing with Stanley/Stella on Mock It

Integrating Stanley/Stella’s apparel into your brand’s lineup using Mock It’s mockup generator is straightforward. Here’s how you can start creating stunning visuals:

Select Your Mockup: Choose from a wide range of Stanley/Stella products on Mock It that align with your brand ethos.

Upload Your Design: Whether it’s a logo, artwork, or text, upload it to the mockup generator.

Customize Your Mockup: Adjust placement, size, and colors to match your vision.

Edit and Download: Edit your mockups with Mock It’s elements and scene creator. Add magazine cutouts, tape, accessories and so much more to bring your designs to life. Once you’re done, click the download mockup button up the top and you’re all set!

mock it mockup generator with this is the life logo design showcasing stanley:stella blaster drop shoulder shirt

Why Choose Stanley/Stella for Your Brand?

Choosing Stanley/Stella means opting for longevity, quality, and a story worth sharing. Brands focused on building a sustainable image will find alignment with Stanley/Stella’s mission. Moreover, their premium feel and comfort make them a favorite choice for consumers seeking both style and substance.

Brands That Can Thrive with Stanley/Stella

Many brands can leverage Stanley/Stella’s offerings to great success. For example, a small eco-friendly startup transitions its entire line to Stanley/Stella products, which can significantly boost its market presence by appealing to environmentally aware consumers. Their story of commitment to sustainability mirrored through their choice of apparel can be a powerful marketing message that resonates well with their audience.

mock it website showcasing available stanley:stella mockups

How to Get Started with Mock It and Stanley/Stella

Getting started is easy:

Sign Up: Sign up for a free 7 day trial with Mock It to access a range of tools and resources.

Explore: Navigate through the extensive catalog of Stanley/Stella products and also many other brands.

Create: Use the mockup generator to bring your design ideas to life.

Whether you’re planning a new collection or updating your existing merchandise, Mock It and Stanley/Stella provide a streamlined, impactful way to present your brand.


Are you ready to make a significant impact with your brand? Start designing with Stanley/Stella on Mock It today. Experience the power of top-notch sustainable apparel and a state-of-the-art t-shirt mockup generator. Sign up now, create compelling mockups, and watch your brand story unfold with authenticity and innovation.

By choosing Stanley/Stella and Mock It, you’re not just designing apparel; you’re crafting a future where fashion and sustainability are intertwined. Redefine what it means to wear and create with purpose.

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