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Introducing 150+ Technical Mockups: The Next Level of Precision

15 May 2024

Introducing 150+ Technical Mockups: The Next Level of Precision

Jeremy P.

Founder, CEO

Hey everyone! It’s an exciting day here at Mock It as we’re rolling out something that’s been in the works for a while, and we can’t wait to share it with you all. Today, we’re introducing Technical Mockups* — a game-changer for any clothing brand looking to perfect their designs down to the last stitch! We’ve added over 150+ mockups to start with but let us know if you think we’re missing something!

What Are Technical Mockups?

pullover hoodie technical mockup

Technical Mockups are our latest addition, designed to offer you an even deeper level of detail in the mockup creation process. They allow you to dial in the intricate details—think stitch lines, fabric textures, and the exact placement of your designs, tags and embroidery. This means you can ensure every element of your design is just right before you move to production.

Why Use Technical Mockups?

In the competitive world of fashion and apparel, the details can make or break your brand. Technical Mockups provide several key advantages:

  • Precision: Get a pixel-perfect view of how every part of your design integrates with the clothing.
  • Efficiency: Reduce back-and-forth with manufacturers by addressing detailed design questions upfront.
  • Quality Control: Spot potential issues before they become costly mistakes.
  • Customer Confidence: Showcase the meticulous attention to detail of your designs to your customers, enhancing their trust in your brand.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Technical Mockups is as easy as ever. Simply log into your Mock It account, select a tech mockup, and upload your design. From there, our intuitive interface will guide you through the process of refining each aspect of your mockup.

* Available for users on a Pro subscription or with the Early Access add-on. Available to all subscribers on the 1st of July.

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