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Embracing Imagination: The Inspirational Story of Mercedes Bazan

04 April 2024

Embracing Imagination: The Inspirational Story of Mercedes Bazan

Ethan D.


Graphic design is a vast world, where creativity meets functionality, and pixels dance with purpose. In this dynamic realm, every line, color, and curve tells a story—a narrative woven with innovation and passion. Graphic design is more than just arranging shapes and text; it’s a powerful medium that communicates ideas, evokes emotions, and shapes perceptions. Graphic design can be evolved and inspired by unique and talented individuals. In this week’s blog our spotlight shines on the brilliant and insightful Mercedes Bazan. 

In our blog we will shine on Mercedes’ origins, delve into her artistic journey, indulge in where her inspiration transpired and dive deeper into her unique style. If this artist makes you feel inspired, I’ll let you know how Mock It can transform that inspiration into apparel design. Join me in exploring this talented and unique designer and gain some insight and inspiration in your own design journey.

Origin and Journey

Mercedes Bazan, an Argentinean graphic designer, draws inspiration from Japanese anime and oriental culture. Despite the geographical distance between Argentina and Japan, her art serves as a bridge between the two, crafted with pen and paper. Currently residing in San Francisco, California, for over 7 years. Graduating from FADU with a degree in graphic design in 2016, she swiftly garnered a job offer from a tech company, prompting her relocation to California. Following the expiration of her visa in 2017, Mercedes ventured to Ireland for a year and a half, a period marked by personal challenges that led her to discover solace and joy in illustration.

Mercedes embarked on her professional journey as an office manager in a digital agency in 2014. However, due to challenges with math and finances, they were eventually transitioned to the role of UI designer. Concurrently, they also contributed to an underground fashion magazine for a year, gaining valuable insights into editorial design for real clients.

A few years later, she pursued a position as a visual designer at Stripe, securing her first job abroad in 2016. Relocating to California marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life, where she has since resided in San Francisco, continuing her employment with Stripe.

Her foray into illustration emerged as a means to navigate and express her emotions. Rekindling her passion for drawing in 2018, they found solace and purpose in artistic expression, despite feeling less proficient during her teenage years. Embracing illustration as an outlet for her emotions, she discovered a supportive community that provided her with numerous opportunities, for which she remains deeply grateful.

Mercedes bazan manga designs on instagram screenshot

Unique Style

Initially, Mercedes’ style was vague and undefined, focusing on object portrayal. However, over time, she underwent a transformative journey, discovering her true artistic path. Today, she is renowned for her cyberpunk and vaporwave-themed works, often featuring young girls in the manga style.

Her art also pays homage to retro Japanese cartoons, characterized by vibrant colors and iconic features like big eyes and flushed cheeks. Influenced by luminaries of Japanese animation like Miyazaki, her illustrations often revolve around empowered female protagonists, each uniquely styled with captivating gazes.
Check out her unique designs and style yourself at her Instagram @mechibaz or her X (Twitter) @mechibaz

Mercedes Bazan manga designs screenshots

Individual Inspiration

Mercedes Bazan draws inspiration from a myriad of exceptional artists, each contributing to the rich tapestry of her creative vision. Rooted in authenticity, she embarks on a journey of self-expression, bringing forth illustrations that resonate with her personal tastes and passions. Through her art, she endeavors to convey a sense of genuineness that captivates audiences, fostering a connection that transcends mere visuals.

Her portfolio is a vibrant display of her aesthetic preferences, characterized by bold hues, intricate geometric forms, and the empowering depiction of women. Each stroke of her brush or pen serves as a testament to her commitment to showcasing the beauty and strength inherent in femininity. With an unwavering dedication to staying true to herself, Mercedes infuses her work with authenticity and passion, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in her artistic universe and discover the stories that unfold within each piece.

Feeling Inspired? Mock It!

Mercedes Bazan’s Japanese manga inspired designs look unbelievably amazing on all different types of clothing. If her designs inspire you to create your own pieces of artwork, sign up to Mock It for a free trial and put your designs on real life clothing today. Her unique designs look specifically amazing on t-shirts or sweatshirts with her large prints full of detail and color. Try it out before you print and see for yourself how amazing they look on real life pieces of clothing. It literally takes minutes to have high resolution mockups ready to go, so what have you got to lose?

anime girl tshirt mockups side by side using mock it with elements


Mercedes Bazan’s journey as a graphic designer and illustrator exemplifies the dynamic and transformative nature of the field. Through her work, she not only bridges geographical and cultural divides but also delves deep into the realms of personal expression and authenticity. From her beginnings as an office manager to her evolution into a renowned visual designer, Mercedes has navigated through challenges and triumphs, finding solace and inspiration in the vibrant world of illustration. Her unique style, characterized by bold colors, geometric shapes, and empowered female protagonists, serves as a testament to her creativity and passion. 

As we’ve explored her origins, journey, and sources of inspiration in this blog, it’s evident that Mercedes Bazan’s artistic vision continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. Mercedes invites us to embark on a journey of creativity and self-expression, reminding us that art has the power to transform not only our surroundings but also our innermost emotions and aspirations. Sign up for Mock It today and put your inspired creative minds to the ultimate test!

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