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5 Ways To Sell Mockups To A Skeptic

24 February 2023

5 Ways To Sell Mockups To A Skeptic

Jeremy P.

Founder, CEO

Mockups are a crucial part of design and marketing. They allow designers to showcase their work in a realistic and visually appealing way, while helping clients visualize the end result. However, not everyone is convinced of their value. If you’re dealing with a skeptic, here are some strategies that can help you sell your mockups.

1. Address Their Concerns

One of the most common concerns for skeptical customers is the accuracy of the mockup. They may worry that the final product will look different from the mockup, or that the mockup isn’t a true representation of what they want. To address these concerns, be transparent about the limitations of mockups. Explain that mockups are a representation of what the final product could look like, but that there may be small variations depending on the materials used or the production process. Additionally, ask questions to better understand what the customer wants so you can create a more accurate mockup.

2. Show Examples

Another effective way to sell mockups is to show examples of how they’ve been used successfully in the past. If you have case studies or testimonials from satisfied customers, share them with the skeptic. This will help build trust and demonstrate the value of mockups. You can also show examples of how mockups have helped identify design flaws or improve the overall design.

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3. Use Data

If the skeptic is data-driven, use data to support the use of mockups. For example, you could show how mockups have improved conversion rates or reduced design revisions, saving the client time and money. If possible, gather data from previous projects to support your argument.

notepad, laptop and graph on desk

4. Offer A Trial

A trial can be a great way to convince skeptics of the value of mockups. Offer to create a free mockup so the customer can see the quality of your work and how it aligns with their vision. This can help build trust and demonstrate your expertise.

5. Emphasize The Benefits

Finally, make sure you emphasize the benefits of using mockups. For example, mockups can help reduce design revisions, improve communication between the designer and client, and ultimately result in a better final product. Emphasizing these benefits can help the skeptic see the value of mockups and the importance of using them in the design process.

In conclusion, selling mockups to a skeptic requires patience and understanding. By addressing their concerns, showing examples, using data, offering a trial, and emphasizing the benefits, you can convince even the most skeptical customer of the value of mockups. Remember to stay confident in your expertise and communicate the benefits clearly to help your customers see the value in your work.

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