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Start Your Online Store Quickly With Our Free Apparel Mockup Generator

07 September 2022

Start Your Online Store Quickly With Our Free Apparel Mockup Generator

Jeremy P.

Founder, CEO

Learn how to get mockups to launch your store using our free apparel mockup generator at MockIt

Launching your online store is an exciting step to take in your business. However, it might feel daunting or overwhelming. Fortunately, setting up and launching your online store can be a lot easier than you might think. Using our free apparel mockup generator at Mock It (thanks to our 14-day trial! l) makes it easy to showcase your products and start making sales. Here are our best tips for launching your online store quickly and for free!

Have a Plan

Before you dive into setting up your online store and marketing it, first, have a business plan and a firm grasp of your niche. 

Your business plan doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated. However, you need to have an idea of your goals for your business and how you plan to accomplish them. 

What will success look like for your online store? Who are you trying to appeal to with your products, what are you providing, and how will you measure your online store’s success?

Your business plan and knowledge of your niche will help you design your online store for the right people and shape what products you display using MockIt’s free apparel mockup generator.

Set Up A Domain and Website

Every online store owner has to take a couple of basic steps to launch their business: obtaining your domain and setting up your website. Your store name may or may not be available to purchase as a domain, depending on how common or popular it is. Act quickly to either purchase your domain, an alternate or explore other options. 

Once you have your domain, finding a website to host your store is the next crucial step. You can use various online store platforms to quickly set up a simple site with the functionality you need to list and sell your products. Shopify and Squarespace are commonly used, as well as options like BigCommerce or BigCartel

With a domain and website ready to go, you can work on customizing your store to represent your brand and business. This is your opportunity to showcase what makes your business unique, express your brand personality, and create an easy-to-navigate user experience to make shopping your website simple for customers.

Add Products With Our Free Apparel Mockup Generator

Believe it or not, the easiest and most stress-free part of creating and launching your online store is adding your products. That’s because, with MockIt, you can take advantage of our 14-day Free Trial and access thousands of mockups for your products. We make it simple to select mockups, customize them, and add them to your new online store: Just like that, you have high-quality and professional-looking mockups ready to sell.

Using MockIt, you can:

  • Choose from a mockup from our extensive library. Each one comes with four views!
  • Upload your design. Then use our Drag & Drop Editor to customize your design and choose your colors and fabrics. 
  • Download your mockups as JPGs or PNGs, add them to your store, and start using them to promote your business!

After your trial, it’s only $9/month to continue full access to unlimited mockups, so you can easily update your site with new products!

Launch Your Online Store!

Once your online store is “stocked” and ready for shoppers, it’s time to promote it! Use your mockups from MockIt to advertise your business on social media, in your email marketing, and more. 

Sign up for our 14-day free trial and create the mockups you need to launch your online store!

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