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Journey into the Mesmerizing World of Half Evil Streetwear

01 November 2023

Journey into the Mesmerizing World of Half Evil Streetwear

Ethan D.


At 21, some chase the predictable rhythm of college; others shine as musical prodigies or sport sensations. Rarely do we find a young mind revolutionizing the t-shirt printing scene. Yet, that’s exactly what Sam LeBlanc did.

With his brand, Half Evil, Sam stormed the streetwear arena in just two years, turning heads and rewriting norms. Alongside a co-founder, known to those in the know, they’re redefining streetwear. Their unique blend of bold designs and affordable pricing bridges the gap between street style and haute couture.

With that being said, let’s talk about a brand that’s been turning heads and making waves in the streetwear scene: Half Evil. With its edgy designs and distinctive aesthetic, it’s the go-to brand for anyone wanting to make a bold statement. But before we delve deep, let’s chat about the importance of mockups in the fashion world.

Ever wondered how apparel designers get that perfect look on a t-shirt mockup before the actual production? Well, the answer lies in the magic of mockup design! And that’s precisely what Half Evil nails every time. Their unique designs, paired with an excellent t-shirt mockup, are what sets them apart.

Table of Contents:

  1. Half Evil: Revolutionizing Affordability in Streetwear
  2. Colors, Graphics, and Statements
  3. The Hundreds X Half Evil Collab
  4. Mock It, Rock It!
  5. Wrap Up and Act!

Half Evil: Revolutionizing Affordability in Streetwear

In an era where skyrocketing retail prices and the resale market have soared to extreme heights, Half Evil has defied the trend with a refreshingly unique pricing strategy. They prominently feature a graphic tee priced at just $3.33 (a cheeky half of 666) in their collection, harmoniously complemented by other reasonably priced merchandise. These tees, imbued with dark yet whimsical designs, symbolize a satirical journey into the edgier side of fashion. Although the brand’s incredibly affordable rates might raise some eyebrows, leading to speculations of a catch, Sam LeBlanc, the brain behind Half Evil, assures otherwise.

He reminisced about his past struggles, working minimum wage and spending an entire paycheck on a single Supreme tee. It’s this memory that fuels his passion to make fashion accessible. While Half Evil does showcase regular priced items, Sam’s primary aim is to ensure even those on a tight budget experience the thrill of owning fresh fashion every month.

He believes in gifting customers the unmatched joy of unboxing new apparel and the pride of flaunting it among peers, ensuring no one’s left behind in the style race.

333 half evil small logo tshirt on instagram

Colors, Graphics, and Statements

Just look at their designs! From vibrant yellows and blues to the signature ‘333’ repeated patterns, Half Evil isn’t afraid to play with colors. And it’s not just about the hues; it’s the graphics that steal the show. Have you seen that ‘Botanical Garden’ tee? It’s a masterpiece! A blend of the dark and mysterious with a touch of nature’s wonders.

half evil botanical garden tshirt on concrete

The Hundreds X Half Evil Collab

One of the kings of the streetwear game is none other than The Hundreds and the streetwear realm was set to witness a monumental collaboration as The Hundreds joined hands with Chicago’s rapidly rising sensation, Half Evil. This partnership was an embodiment of the fusion between iconic streetwear traditions and the innovative spirit of contemporary, internet-savvy designers.

Half Evil, despite its relatively young age of just over six years, boasts a fervent global community, resonating with The Hundreds’ own dedicated fanbase that has spanned almost two decades. Upholding Half Evil’s commitment to inclusivity, this collaboration introduced The Hundreds’ most cost-effective t-shirt ever, priced at a mere $3.33, ensuring everyone can indulge.
The collection, diverse in its offerings from t-shirts to work jackets, is up for grabs at both brands’ physical stores and Half Evil’s online platform. The streetwear community was set to embrace this dynamic synergy between legacy and modernity in streetwear, which is a massive feather in Half Evil’s cap.

the hundreds half evil colab photoshoot

Mock It, Rock It!

Now, if you’re an aspiring designer or just someone who loves toying with graphics, you’d understand the importance of getting the right mockup design. It’s the backbone of showcasing your art. So, why not get a platform that offers just that? Mock It is your go-to solution. By signing up, you’ll have access to tools that’ll help you create stunning presentations for your designs, just like Half Evil does!

numerous half evil clothing mockups spread out

Wrap Up and Act!

In conclusion, Half Evil is more than just a brand; it’s an inspiration. For all you apparel designers out there, take a page from their book. Use vibrant colors, unique graphics, and don’t forget to work on that perfect t-shirt mockup.
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