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How to Make a Mockup With a Transparent Background

Tips and Tricks
04 October 2023

How to Make a Mockup With a Transparent Background

Ethan D.


Need a transparent background for your mockup? No worries at all! Our Mockup Generator can do that!

Open up Mock It

In the top menu bar go to “Mockups”.

mock it website mockups tab

Filter Through Mockups

Either scroll through the mockups until you find the one you want to use, or use the “Brands” or “Categories” search boxes on the left hand side to find the mockup you would like to use. Alternatively, if you know the name of the mockup you wish to use, simply type the name in the search bar at the top left of the page.

mock it mockups page

Select a Mockup

Once you have found your desired mockup, either click on the title or the image of the mockup to get started.

mock it search bar

Add Your Design

To add your design simply click the tab that says “CLICK OR DROP IMAGES HERE”, or you can just drag your design’s file onto this tab.

mock it upload images tab

Edit and Place Your Design

Once your design has been uploaded, resize and place your design to your desired size and location.

mock it design edit view

Time to Delete the Background

To delete the background, click on the layers icon on the right hand side of the mockup generator, then click the cross next to the background layer. There is now no longer a background behind your mockup.

mock it mockup generator background layer

Time to Download Your Mockup Without the Background

Once you have finished with your mockup and have made all your changes, whether it be the color of the mockup, maybe you added a texture, it is now time to download your masterpiece! 

To download your mockup click the download mockup icon on the top right hand side of your mockup. Once you have clicked this, you will be prompted to select a file type to save to.

mock it mockup generator download icon

Make sure you select PNG and there you have it! A beautiful mockup with a transparent background!

mock it save selections

So there you go, a perfectly designed mockup with a transparent background. These types of mockups are super handy if you would like to place your mockups on your own custom backgrounds, or if you want to place multiple mockups on the same background or simply if you just don’t need a background behind it!

mock it purple t-shirt mockup with transparent background

Whatever the case, Mock It has you covered in all your clothing mockup needs. Sign up for a free 14 day trial and start showing off your designs in a never ending amount of ways!

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