Add a unique fabric to your mockup

Hey there! Thank you for choosing Mock-It! In this video we’re going to show you how to add a unique fabric to your mockups on a desktop or laptop computer.

After you’ve chosen your mockup, you’ll wanna select the heather color that you’d like to use as the base. For all our unique fabrics, each one needs a coloured base that the fabric  layer goes on top of. 

In this case we’re going to use the Deep Heather for the Bella Canvas 6050 mockup set. 

Once you have selected your color, come across to and click the fabrics icon. You’ll now be presented with the unique fabrics for this mockup set. Some products will have options for heather, slub, mineral wash and marble. But today we’re going with the heather so click on that one. 

After that you’re done! As you can see the mockup now has a nice heather texture applied to the whole garment. 

The process is exactly the same for the different unique fabrics that we have available.